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Isaiah Croatt

President at Praetor Inceptum

Isaiah Croatt
President at Praetor Inceptum

About: Growing up, I always had an interest in Cryptography. When I discovered Bitcoin in the early era, it immediately sparked my interest. From there, cryptocurrency and blockchain became a long time hobby. When cryptocurrency exploded into the mainstream, my interests in economics, finance, and blockchain aligned. Around that time, cryptocurrency and blockchain became my full time job. From there I founded two private cryptocurrency investment funds (now consolidated as one, Praetor Inceptum), where I remain President. I also work with various blockchain projects, such as CoinLion. My ultimate goal is to help assist in the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Lina Hong

Founder at Crypto Minds Global

Lina Hong
Founder at Crypto Minds Global

About: I got into cryptocurrencies during December of 2017 because everyone was getting into it, and I wanted to make money. But as I did more research and started looking at different projects on the blockchain, I became a long-term believer of the technology and its potential to change the world. I am the CEO of Crypto Minds Global. I founded the community with the talents of seven others, and we come from all over the world. Our goal is to bring education to the community around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We have a weekly Zoom call to discuss the current marketplace for cryptocurrency, as well as monthly in-person meetings.

Scott Daniel (Krypto)

Founder at Cryptogasmic

Scott Daniel (Krypto)
Founder of Cryptogasmic

About: I have been trading Crypto for several years. After initially failing to listen to other so called ‘experts’, I decided to teach myself TA and realized that the market repeats emotional cycles over and over. Since I started my own trading, my profits have been massive and I now use my experience to teach others how to win at Crypto trading through www.cryptogasmic.com . I also own several online businesses and want to use my experience to teach others how to achieve a life without being owned by banks and governments; how to turn your passion into your business. Its your life designed by you. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the answer to the problems of government and central Banks. With Blockchain we can start to starve the beast and make them irrelevant.

What are your five favorite coins/tokens and why?

In week two, each of the featured guests share insightful industry knowledge on their five favorite coins and tokens

Isaiah Croatt

President at Praetor Inceptum

1) Nano

Nano (formerly Raiblocks) has been a long time favorite coin of mine. Nano offers a scalable network with both instant and feeless transactions. Nano operates via a block-lattice structure, allowing each wallet or account to act as somewhat of its own blockchain. This allows each account to execute transactions almost instantly and asynchronously to the rest of the block lattice, with zero fees. This makes Nano perfect for things like micro-transactions and as an online payment system. The Nano Foundation has a very active development team and supportive community. Even through bad publicity, like the recent Bitgrail Exchange hack, Nano has thrived. The Nano Foundation continues to actively develop new applications for Nano and assist in the mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrency.

2) Dash

I have been a long time fan of Dash, as it has created a culture of decentralization within not only its’ blockchain network, but also its foundation. The future of the Dash network is decided upon by the network participants. Proposals for improvements in both technology and adoption of Dash are set forth by these individual participants within the network.

Individuals who would like to have a larger stake in the network and want to participate in network governance can also operate what is called a masternode. A masternode acts as a representative in the network and can vote on proposals. Masternodes are also able to execute special types of transactions, from which they earn fees.

Dash as a cryptocurrency also offers a lot of value, with instant or private transactions through masternodes for additional fees. Using both miners and masternodes from all over the world, Dash also eliminates much of the risk of network attacks.

3) EOS

I know this one has been talked about quite a bit, but EOS remains one of my favorite projects.

EOS is looking to become a more scalable dApp development platform than Ethereum by using different consensus and governance mechanisms. While Ethereum operates using proof of work for consensus, EOS will operate on a faster and more scalable delegated proof of stake concept. If they deliver what they are promising, EOS could be a real adversary to Ethereum.

Time will tell which will reign supreme, but EOS is definitely a project to watch.

4) Siacoin

Sia’s platform offers decentralized storage in the cloud by leveraging extra hard drive space from users across the globe. Users who donate this extra space are compensated in Siacoin, while users who are looking to use the cloud storage pay in Siacoin to use the storage.

The Sia platform has many benefits, including completely encrypted data storage, more affordable storage than other solutions, and a high amount of redundancy through multiple copies of file segments on different host machines.

5) Lion Coin

(Disclaimer, I work with CoinLion)

CoinLion is currently building a cryptocurrency trading platform that will provide many of the standard amenities that your traditional equity trading platform would offer. This includes tools such as standard and advanced trading features, portfolio management tools, social integrations, and a fiat gateway into the platform.

CoinLion is most excited about the proprietary portfolio management tools and digital asset screener. These tools will allow users to do things like trade multiple portfolio positions at the same time and do automated portfolio rebalances. It will also allow users to share their portfolios for others to follow and keep track of in realtime.

On top of these features, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and a fiat gateway into the platform is sure to be a hit with users.

Lina Hong

Founder at Crypto Minds Global

1) NEO

NEO, created by the Chinese company Onchain, is the first Chinese cryptocurrecy to hit mainstream. NEO is different from many coins because it is decentralized and its token cannot be divided – the smallest unit is one NEO. The founder Da Hongfei created NEO to comply with Chinese regulations and allow it to be changed/upgraded without user consensus.

2) Ripple

Most people who know me in the crypto space know I love my ripples, and I believe it to be a solid top three coin. It has continued to stay in the headlines with new partnerships every week and is constantly listed on new exchanges. Ripple acts as a “bridge” currency and is being actively used now unlike many projects out there with only a whitepaper to show. It allows banks to process their customer’s payments anywhere in the world, instantly and reliably.

3) Vechain

Vechain employs blockchain technology to solve a very unique and demanding problem, supply chain management. It has a smart chip technology that allows businesses to track their items throughout its entire life cycle. Vechain also plans to become a DApp platform that specializes smart contracts, which is one of the most important aspects of blockchain.

4) OmiseGO

I love how OmiseGO is built on Ethereum, which is one of the most popular decentralized applications on the market. It was founded in 2013, and Thailand’s payment service providers; even the country’s McDonalds have been using it. OMG is trying to be more than an altcoin, and is designed to be a financial platform to offer users an alternative to exchanges.

5) Storm

Storm has lots of growth potential, with its current market cap at around $260 million. It is in an effort to rebrand its existing product of “BitMaker” to “StormPlay”. It incentivized users to engage in mobile applications such as games to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum. The Storm Market plans to operate similar to the Apple App store and allow users to accept tasks through smart contracts. I love how the coin promotes human interaction with decentralized technologies and rewards them for doing so.

Scott Daniel (Krypto)

Founder at Cryptogasmic

1) Power

I really do love the idea of Peer to Peer resource exchange. Electricity companies that are privatized by governments around the world are criminally ripping off consumers all over the world. I believe this kind of idea could also assist those in communities that are not as lucky as most of us and we can supply basic needs like electricity to villages and communities that need it. Its another way to STARVE THE BEAST that are privatized controlling government puppets.


I believe that in the future the ‘COIN’ or ‘CURRENCY’ we use will be a consumer choice. Just like we either choose products like Ray Ban or Gucci. Marketing and branding will play a huge part and DASH seem to be the leaders at this and have embraced it. From a trading point of view, I also make a lot of money from DASH. Its a coin that repeats its cycle over and over so not only do I get to long term hold but I can play the waves and take the profits on the way. I also love their sponsorship program that helps amazing causes like Ben Swann Truth in media and We are Change that are a platform to let the world know how corrupt governments are.

3) EOS

I’m very interested to see if they can really be the ETHEREUM killer. I kind of hope not because I hold a lot of Ether but their promise to have a platform that allows millions of transactions a second for free is exciting. At the end of the day it will all depend on what platform the DAPS developers choose.


I love the idea that we can purchase and build anything we want in a virtual world. The possibilities here are endless. I’m a big believer that we need blockchain to disrupt things like the charity sector. Mana allows you to be whoever you want to be and do what ever you want to do inside a virtual world. I find this very exciting.


I have been in the music business all my life and there is no other industry I can think of that is built for blockchain like the music industry. Renowned for artists being ripped off by publishers and record companies, a decentralized ledger will allow artists to take back their freedom and have everything transparent. From royalties and  sales to marketing budgets and studio costs. The blockchain is the answer to disrupt the dishonest music business.

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